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Trucking Company a 'Prime' Example of Employee Satisfaction

(Springfield, MO) -- In honor of KOZL's 'Work Week," we took a deeper look into a company that might not look so fancy on the outside.
(Springfield, MO) -- In honor of KOZL's 'Work Week," we took a deeper look into a company that might not look so fancy on the outside.
But after seeing the inside, you might be surprised what this company has to offer.
Prime Trucking Inc. has a good reputation as a transport company throughout North America, but it also has a different reputation.
While searching for companies that treat their employees nice, Prime was recommended. Little did we all know that 'nicely' was the understatement of the year.
"We have a full basketball court with cardio equipment," says Olivia Guthrie, Director of Human Resources.
"Dry cleaning, movie theater," adds Dean Hoedl, Director of Finance.
"A fitness center with weights in it, two full-time personal trainers, and our employees can work out with them at no cost up to three times a week," adds Guthrie. "A doctor's office, full service salon and spa."
"Washers and dryers," says Hoedl. "A company store so if you want to work out and you forgot your shorts, you can always buy one. You can rent movies from us. We've got a full-service cafeteria, and they'll make you anything."
And the list goes on. But 55-60 hours a week is about the average work week for most Prime associates.
"Some of our shifts range from 12-14 hours a day but we probably an average of 10-11," says Guthrie.

The bosses at Prime decided that since they ask their associates to work hard and for a lot of hours, they wanted to make life easier for them.
"They're more likely to stay and be happy and be productive workers if they know we care about them and we've got the kind of amenities to take care of them," says Hoedl.
Everyone works to pay the bills, but when employees feel appreciated at work, the company can reap the benefits.
"Your business is only as good as your people," says Hoedl.
And if you don't take care of your people, "you won't be in business," he says.
All of the amenities at Prime allow its employees to have more time at home after work.
"Instead of having to drive an extra few miles to go get their hair cut, pick up dinner -- they can do that here," says Guthrie.
It might seem like having all of these things might make people unproductive.
Hoedl says, "if you're waiting in line for your burger in the cafeteria, you're not getting work done, but it's a lot more productive than getting in your car and driving some place and taking care of those personal errands can add up pretty quickly."
And people have to take care of their personal needs no matter what, so they just make it a little more efficient for their employees.
Prime has more than 1,000 non-driving employees and approximately 6,500 drivers nationwide.
Many of its employees work long hours and getting a break during their work day to do whatever they want really keeps the business running.
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