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Tracking The American Eel

The Talkin' Outdoors boys take a look at the American eel.
GRAY LAKE, Ark--Now to our outdoors segment.

Have you ever been fishing and snagged an eel.

Well they're out there, and the Talkin' Outdoor guys will tell you all about it this week.

The American eel is one of the most misunderstood fish in our rivers in Missouri and Arkansas.

They're not electric, don't bite, and live a long interesting life.

River biologist Jeff Quinn is studying the eel's population in Arkansas.

One idea is to put eel ladders around dams to help them migrate.

Jeff Quinn/River Biologist:"The American eel has an interesting and fascinating life cycle.  They have five life stages.  They begin and end in the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda.  And to get to Arkansas they have to go through four or five dams to get to this part of the Caddo River that we're on today."

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That's Talkin' Outdoors on KOZL. 

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