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Hollywood Minute - November 7, 2013

Tom Cruise says he did not abandon his daughter and is suing over it. And Lady Gaga plans to perform in outer space.
Lady Gaga's latest stunt is out of this world-- literally.
According to Virgin Entertainment's Twitter page-- the singer will perform from outerspace.
The event is part of the "Zero G Colony Musical Festival" in New Mexico.
The three day fest in 2015 will close with Gaga blasting off into space where she will sing a song from her new album "Dope."...aboard Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

The imported edition of Katy Perry's new album is considered a bio-hazard down under.
In an effort to get her fans to plant "seeds of light" the first 300,000 deluxe CD's sold in the U.S. -- come with flower seeds.
The problem-- you can't bring that kind of stuff into other countries.
Australian authorities worry the seeds could bring plant born pathogens into the country.

New court documents in a lawsuit Tom Cruise filed against "Life and Style" and "In Touch" magazines have been released.  The magazines covered stories claiming the "Mission Impossible" star abandoned his daughter, Suri.
Cruise says that's not true and is demanding $50 million from the magazines' publisher.

(Dave Stewart for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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