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Today's Top Medical Stories for Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Doctors say men may want to improve their diet before starting a family. And one of the most common prescriptions in the US may come with an unexpected side effect.
A Kaiser Permanente study of 200,000 patients is linking popular heartburn prescriptions with vitamin B12 deficiency.
The medications are known as proton pump inhibitors and histamine 2 receptor antagonists.
Researchers found people who took them for more than two years were more likely to have low levels of vitamin B12.
The authors say this is not definitive proof the drugs cause the deficiency and people should not stop taking them.
But doctors may want to consider lowering  dosages.
B12 deficiencies can lead to dementia, neurological damage and anemia.

Spanish researchers say treating sleep apnea can lower blood pressure in patients with hard to treat hypertension.
The study found patients who used a c-pap breathing device at night got better sleep and reduced their high blood pressure significantly.
Hypertension is common among sleep apnea patients.

And new research shows men should consume a diet rich in folic acid if they're thinking of having a baby. Until now, the attention has been put on the mother's folic acid levels. Now Canadian researchers found male mice with low folic acid levels had a higher risk of having babies with birth defects.
Folic acid , or vitamin b9, is found in leafy vegetables, cereals and fruit.

 Vinita Nair, CBS News

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