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Today's Top Medical Stories for Monday, January 20, 2014

Another reason to exercise and where your child undergoes a tonsillectomy could make a difference.

Kids who have a tonsillectomy at a hospital that follows current practice guidelines have a better chance of healing without side effects. A new study finds hospitals that administer medication to reduce nausea, vomiting and pain without antibiotics have fewer patients return because of post-operative side effects. Tonsillectomies are the second most common procedure performed on children in the U.S.
A California study shows men who engage in higher levels of physical activity may have a lower risk of recurrence or death from prostate cancer.  Researchers say patients who walked briskly had more regularly shaped blood vessels in their prostate tumors compared to men who walked slowly. They say exercise could be a key factor in patient outcomes - but add more study is needed.
Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or in the car are twice as likely to be re-admitted to the hospital for asthma treatment. The study in the journal Pediatrics tested the blood and saliva of more than 600 children.

(Alison Harmelin for CBS News)

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