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Today's Top Medical Stories for Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A new study looks at the effects of combining the flu shot with another common vaccine for children.
Researchers at Columbia University, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it's okay to give young children the flu and pneumococcal  vaccines at the same time. The study, which looked at children between six-and-23 months old found that giving the vaccines simultaneously does increase the risk of fever.  But the fever usually goes away quickly..  The CDC recommends getting the shots at the same time, if your child is due for the vaccines.
(source: JAMA Pediatrics)

30 minutes of meditation a day can keep the blues away. That's according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Their study, which involved more than 35-hundred people, found that meditation appeared to provide as much relief from anxiety, stress, and depression as medications. The study also found meditation can help relieve pain.
(source: JAMA Internal Medicine)

Older people at risk of heart disease can cut their chances of getting diabetes - just by sticking to the so-called Mediterranean Diet.  According to a new study, as long as patients ate healthy, and avoided red meat - they could cut their risk of diabetes - without having to cut calories, lose weight, or exercise more.
(source: Annals of Internal Medicine)

(Alison Harmelin for CBS News)

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