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Today's Top Medical Stories for Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parents who yell at their misbehaving teenagers may be doing more harm than good.
Parents who yell at their teenagers may be making their childrens' behavior problems worse.  Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Michigan studied nearly one thousand families in the United States and Europe. They found that 13 year olds who receive harsh verbal discipline from their parents suffer more depression, and are more likely to misbehave at school.  They're also more likely to lie to their parents, steal, and get into fights.
(source: Child Development)

Researchers in Germany have announced a new, non-invasive method for detecting colon cancer.  They say genetic testing on stool samples is more effective than screening a patient's blood for early signs of colon cancer. They say more research is needed to see how the new testing method compares to colonoscopies.
(source: Cancer Prevention Research)

And: Sleep may be the best medicine for your brain. That's according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin who found sleep turns on the genes that help the brain repair itself.  Their study involved mice, but now they want to see how it applies to humans.

(Vinita Nair, CBS News)

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