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Today's Top Medical Stories for Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new study finds doctors should be prescribing exercise along with medication…and researchers find new and surprising benefits for a common cholesterol drug.
Statin drugs taken to lower bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart attacks may also help prevent dementia and memory loss.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins reviewed dozens of studies on statins, because cardiologists were concerned the drugs actually CAUSED memory problems.
But researchers say the drugs pose no threat to short-term memory and if a patient takes a statin for more than one year, their risk of dementia drops 29 percent.

A new study from the UK finds exercise can be just as effective as medicine in combating some common diseases.
Researchers looked into over 300 drugs trials and found no statistical difference between exercise and drugs for preventing heart disease and diabetes.
Among patients with heart failure, drugs were more effective, but for stroke patients, exercise was the best medicine.

Training more people to perform CPR really does save lives according to new findings.
Danish researchers say their country pushed to train more people to correctly perform chest compressions.
They say the number of bystander CPR more than doubled from 2001 to 2010, and they found the number of heart attack patients who arrived at the hospital alive nearly tripled.

(Alison Harmelin for CBS News)

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