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Today's Top Medical Stories for Thursday, October 17, 2013

Researchers say many cancers have something in common. And doctors may be closer to a test that can detect Alzheimer's disease early.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins believe they may be able to spot Alzheimer's years before memory loss begins.
The study found people with certain proteins in their spinal fluid have a higher chance of developing the disease.
Scientists hope their discovery will lead to a test so doctors can treat patients early and possibly prevent the disease.

Autism cases appear to be leveling off in Britian.
A study in the British Medical Journal says about 1 in every 250 kids has autism - a rate that's held steady for the past few years.
That's much lower than the U.S.where government numbers show about one in 88 children has the disorder.

A study in the journal Nature finds different types of cancers share the same genetics.
Scientists analyzed more than 3,000 tumors and discovered a handful of common mutated genes.
For example, a mutation in many leukemia cases was also found in breast, kidney, lung and ovary cancer tumors.
Doctors say the discovery could one day lead to treatments that target these mutations.

(Adriana Diaz, CBS News)

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