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Today's Top Medical Stories for Monday, October 28, 2013

Pediatricians want limits put on children's screen time. And kids who suffer a head injury may need to be sidelined from more than just the game.
A new study finds students who suffer concussions may need time off from the playing field…. and the classroom.

Doctors at Washington University say kids with severe symptoms…. Which can include headaches and memory loss…. should be kept at home until they improve.
Researchers say students usually recover from a concussion within three weeks.

A study in the journal Pediatrics finds mothers are more likely to breastfeed - if they have skin to skin contact with their baby immediately after delivery.
Researchers reviewed 150 births and found only about half of the moms and infants had that initial contact.
Doctors say an effort should be made to make sure that happens more often.

And pediatricians say parents need a plan to limit their child's media exposure.
From TV's to smart phones, Doctors say kids should only spend two hours a day or less in front of a screen.  Curfews need to be in place for mealtime and bedtime, and no screens in the bedroom.
They also recommend parents take an active role in what children are exposed to.

(Bigad Shaban, CBS News)

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