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Today's Top Medical Stories for Friday, Octrober 18, 2013

The brain may be doing more than we first thought. And adult obesity rates appear to have plateaued.
The Centers For Disease Control says nearly 35 percent of American adults are obese…… a rate that's remained steady since 2009.
The leveling off follows decades of skyrocketing growth.
Scientists say the problem remains an epidemic. There are nearly 80 million obese Americans.

Canadian researchers say women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy are more likely to suffer a stroke later in life.
And moms with a severe form called pre-eclampsia can have a 40 percent higher risk.
Doctors say women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy need to be closely monitored years later for signs of stroke risk.

And a study in the journal science finds when we sleep the brain is busy…. cleaning house.
Researchers took detailed brain scans of mice and discovered brain cells actually shrink during sleep.
This allows the brain to clear out toxins responsible for Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.
Doctors believe the same holds true in people and are planning tests to find out.

(Adriana Diaz, CBS News)

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