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Today's Top Medical Stories for Friday, November 22, 2013

A strategy to help pregnant women quit smoking and three ways to reduce the risk of a heart attack.
Controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels can substantially reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke for overweight people.   That's according to an international team of researchers who found high blood pressure posed the biggest risk for heart disease and an even bigger risk for stroke.  
A new study is outlining steps women can take to a have a healthy pregnancy.  Researchers in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand recommend eating more fruit before pregnancy, watching your weight, reducing blood pressure and stopping any misuse of alcohol or drugs.   They also say having a paid job helps women have a normal pregnancy.
And exercise can help pregnant women quit smoking.   Canadian researchers found 15-20 minutes of walking at a moderate pace can reduce the craving to smoke.  Doctors say exercise is not a cure for quitting but can be an effective strategy during pregnancy.

(Adriana Diaz, CBS News)

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