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Today's Top Medical Stories for August 9, 2013

How scientists are using rice to prevent a common sickness and the hot summer days can be deadlier than you think.
Government health officials say heat waves are the deadliest extreme weather event. During the last decad,  more than 150 people died from heat stroke in New York City alone. The Centers for Disease Control says people with chronic conditions including obesity are susceptible to the heat and need to stay cool and hydrated when temperatures rise.

Children in Los Angeles are drinking less soda. LA County researchers say the percentage of kids who drink at least one soda everyday dropped 14 percent between 2007 and 2011. Doctors say campaigns to educate parents about the negative effects of soda appear to be working.

And Japanese researchers have engineered a strain of rice that may stop a common illness. The scientists added an antibody to rice that can fight off rotavirus. The sickness can lead to extreme dehydration especially in developing countries. There is a vaccine, but doctors say the engineered rice would be a cheap and effective way to prevent rotavirus.

Vinita Nair, CBS News, New York
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