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The 'Look' for Less: Spring Fashions on the Cheap

(Springfield, MO) -- Ever wish you could afford to look like the models and actors on TV? If you don't have time to shop around or compare prices, that's not a problem.

(Springfield, MO) -- Ever wish you could afford to look like the models and actors on TV? If you don't have time to shop around or compare prices, that's not a problem.

Melissa Stern took the liberty of finding some hot spring looks worn by celebrities and found the 'look for less!'

With the help of the fashion and design students at MSU, she found some pricey and stylish outfits right out of Hollywood and scoped Springfield to find the cheaper -- but just as chic -- look.

While stores like Target and Forever 21 most likely have affordable clothes, we gave ourselves a challenge to find what we were looking for at a high-end boutique: Staxx.

The goal was to find a key statement piece or a full outfit for under $150.

"It's definitely great to be able to see something in a magazine and say, 'Oh I want that' and be able to walk and see it in a store and be like, 'Oh I can actually buy it.' That's a nice thing," says MSU fashion student Lauren Holiman.

So whether you use the Internet or print out a picture and look for it in a store, Professor Michele Granger for Fashion and Interior Design, says, "You have to look a little bit, but I think that almost everything can be found."

Replicating an expensive look at a price you can afford is actually a lot easier than you might think, says Professor Granger.

"They actually call it cross shopping or cherry picking, and that's where you might buy something at all different types of stores instead of just being a department store shopper."

Let's start with Taylor Swift in this Dolce and Gabbana dress.

"We copied the Dolce and Gabbana with the bright floral prints and corals and mint greens are also very in this season, and we also did a wide belt which she has here," says fashion student Nathan Cates. "The dress is going to run around $1,000. This dress is only $98, so it's a great way to stay in fashion this season while staying in your price range -- in your budget."

We found a striped blazer for just $58; Keri Hilson wore one for $1,800 dollars.

"They're very simple," says fashion student Kelly Caldwell. "You can mix them with a bunch of different things like a simple black dress, and you can take it from day time to night life very easily."

Jessica Alba wore bright colors and a leather jacket, but you can buy a leather jacket and designer pants for only $156, but it's just as chic, says Holiman.

"The deep blue is really popular this season, and the leather jackets are definitely in, giving a rougher edge to it."

As for Miranda Kerr, menswear is in, like fedoras and a classic jean jacket.

"We found the same look at Staxx from $60-80 if you wear your own jeans," says Abby Van Pelt, another fashion student.

And last but not least, Nicole Richie on the cover of flare.

"A coral flowy skirt and we topped it off with a big piece of jewelry to bring out the colors in the outfit," says Caldwell. "This outfit totals $150 with your own white top."

A lot of items you'll want to invest as little as possible, says Professor Granger, "because you may look at it for just one season."

And while you might like to see the looks online and order it off a website, "Nothing's better than going into the store and seeing the fabric and seeing the colors and trying it on."

"I chose the jean jacket to go over the little dress," says student Heather Melton. "It's really cute for summer."

So the next time you're feeling envious of a celebrity or runway look, just head to your local store and find the closest match.

You can buy something at a store for $20 but it probably won't last very long. You can invest a little more in good quality clothing and keep it for a long time.

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