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Teen Takes Over Thrift Shop to Help Kids in Kenya

BRANSON, Mo. -- Riley Banks, a senior at Branson High School, runs a nonprofit that assists children in Kenya.
BRANSON, Mo. -- Riley Banks is 17 years old and runs her own nonprofit that sends aid to children in Kenya.

Her most recent venture is an orphanage in the country. Her organization, Generation Next, helped build it and a school, and will help cover many of the operating costs.

Riley, a senior at Branson High School, founded the nonprofit when she was 13 when she began collecting school supplies and hygiene kits to send overseas. Since then she has expanded into various fundraising ventures, the latest of which is a thrift store in downtown Branson.

Banks said she had been toying with the idea of a thrift store, and found out the Boys and Girls Club would be moving out of its location on Veterans Boulevard.

"This thrift store is such a blessing because we were worried about how we're going to pay the monthly fees," sh esaid. "Just because it's not cheap. This is going to be a great monthly income. We're so excited about this."
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