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Target Security Breach Grows

The widespread security breach at Target appears much worse than initially reported. A new report by Target reveals that up to 110-million customers may have had their personal information stolen.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- At first it was stolen credit and debit card numbers and the pins of 40 million Target customers-- but now it may be more.

Target announced Friday that the data breach reported in December of last year is now much more severe than initially reported-- up to 110 million customers could now be affected.

"I am kind of shocked," said Patrick Brademeyer, a Target shopper.

According to the report, the customers hacked may have had more than just the numbers of their credit and debit cards and pins compromised-- but also their names, phone numbers, and even mailing addresses. Karen Kroutil of Arvest Bank in Springfield said there have been some cases of fraudulent activity for Arvest Bank's customers in the time period following the Target data breach.

"There has been-- whether it was related to the Target, or whether it was related to something else," said Kroutil. "With the debit cards, there is occasionally some fraudulent activity."

For those who did shop at Target been November 27 and mid-December, there are preventative measures that you can take to protect yourself.

"Their frame should be absolutely alert, to see, to monitor their account and their activities," said Kroutil. "If they're that concerned, absolutely go to your bank-- ask for a different card."

But anytime you use your debit or credit card, there's the potential of having your personal data stolen.

"I use a debit card and sometimes cash," said Preston Henry, a Target shopper. "I would feel much safer using cash over debit card if the numbers going up."

Then again, others are hopeful that the odds are in their favor.

"Fingers crossed, honestly," said Chaney bishop, a Target shopper. "I just don't think there's much of a chance of that it will affect me."

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