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Taney County Elected Officials, Workers to Receive Raises

The county's salary commission has approved a 25 percent raise for newly elected officials.
FORSYTH, Mo. -- The Taney Co. Salary Commission voted to increase pay for newly elected officials by 25 percent.

The raises for the elected officials will cost the county nearly 150 thousand dollars extra each year.

Critics of the raises say the bump in pay is too much at once and might not be a sustainable increase.

Many county offices have been asked to cut budgets and personnel staff during economic downturns.

Brandon Williams, the Taney County Western District Commissioner says there is room in the budget for the pay increases.

“The county is a sixty to eighty million dollar a year business and you can look at it like that.  Financially we're sitting very will and our revenues are up this year,” he said. “It was out decision to look to the future and entice people to fun for these offices, that are going to have to compete with the private sector."

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