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Springfield Man Charged for Church, Storage Unit Burglaries

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A man has been arrested in connection with multiple burglaries at local churches and storage units.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A man has been arrested in connection with multiple burglaries at local churches and storage units.

According to the Springfield Police Department, Eric Stickney, 31, of Springfield, was arrested on Tuesday, Nov. 19, after Springfield Detectives, along with Greene County Sheriff Department’s SWAT Team, executed a search warrant at 3851 W. Farm Rd. 148.

The following day, on Nov. 20, Stickney was charged by the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for three counts of second degree burglary, one count of felony stealing and one count of first degree property damage.

Stickney is currently in the Greene County Jail under a $25,000 bond.

An investigation into the burglaries is ongoing and further charges may be possible in the future.

According to a probable cause statement, Stickney has been charged for the following burglaries:

  • Macedonia Baptist Church (3110 W. Sunshine)

  • Campbell United Methodist (1747 E. Republic)

  • Parkcrest Self Storage (700 W. Republic)

  • Chesterfield Self Storage (2335 W. Kingsley)

On Oct. 24, Macedonia Baptist Church was the victim of a commercial burglary after 3 a.m.  According to the probable cause statement, the suspect entered into the building through a window.  The suspect stole an unknown amount of cash, checks belonging to members of the church, and caused damage to numerous doors inside the church. 

The suspect in this burglary was recorded on video surveillance.

Then, during the Campbell United Methodist burglary on Nov.7, a suspect allegedly entered the building through a window that was damaged.  The suspect again was caught on surveillance video.  Taken in the burglary were gift cards from multiple retailers, credit cards and checks belonging to the church, pay stubs, two laptops and safe money.

The suspect in this burglary cause around $12-15,000 of damage.

On Nov. 4, a Parkcrest self-storage unit was burglarized. The suspect, who had similar features to the suspect in the previous burglaries, stole a 60-inch television from the unit.

According to the probable cause statement, police followed a trail of identity theft from the stolen checks at the church and personal information stolen from both the church and storage units that lead them to Eric Stickney.

Following a search warrant, police searched Stickney’s home and found goods reported as stolen in the burglaries and tools used to conduct one of the burglaries.  Police also found personal information belonging to one of the victims of Stickney’s identity theft scheme.

Police later spoke with Stickney’s mother, who allowed them to enter her home.  While in the home, they found a 60-inch television with a model number matching the television stolen from the storage unit. Stickney’s mother said he gave her the television after he bought it from a friend and even told her it was not stolen.  After consent from Stickney’s mother, police collected the television as evidence.

More details into the events leading to Stickney’s arrest can be seen in the probable cause statement above.

Other church burglaries with no noted suspect information and dates ranging from late September to early November 2013 include:

  • Christ Unity Church (2214 E. Seminole)
  • Bible Baptist Church (2631 S. McCann)
  • Boulevard Baptist Church (1030 S. Eastgate)
  • Southminister Presbyterian (2245 S. Holland)
  • Wesley United Methodist Church (922 W. Republic)

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