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Springfield Hall Inducts Class of 2013

The Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame inducts its latest class.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame inducted another class of honorees Tuesday night at University Plaza.

And this 27th annual class saluted five people with a common theme of basketball and track and field.

Hundreds of people gathered to show their thanks.

Proceeds of Tuesday night's event go to buying sports equipment for area youth organizations.

The Springfield Sports Hall of Fame has raised nearly $300,000 dollars toward that goal.

Going into the hall referee and official Emry Dilday, olympic distant runner Jason Pyrah, the late Stephanie Phillips and Jack Roberts high school basketball coaches, and former Southwest Missouri State basketball bear Winston Garland.

Winston Garland/Class of 2013:"As soon as I got the call from coach Rowe it immediately took me back to my times here in Springfield.  Two years I spent here.  Two of the best years of my life.  What a time here in Springfield and glad to be back."

Jason Pyrah/Class of 2013:"I'm very appreciative of everyone here in the Springfield area who supported me throughout my career.  It was a long career.  And it was one that I appreciated.  And I appreciated the media for bringing to light a lot of the accomplishments that I had during my career." 

Emry Dilday/Class of 2013:"I'm not going in for my coaching.  I'm going in for officiating, definitely not my athleticism.  They say if you can't coach and you can't play be an official.  I had 43 great years on the field, I'm still involved and love it." 


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