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Springfield Chamber Plans Membership Blitz

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield Chamber of Commerce plans a big drive to recruit new businesses this month.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield Chamber of Commerce plans a big drive to recruit new businesses this month.  Current members will hit the streets and phones to bring more businesses on board.

Brent McCoy joins us now to tell us about the Springfield Chamber of Commerce's membership drive.

Shannon Miller - Brent, I've been to some of these events.  They're always a lot of fun and a great way to meet people and network.  Tell us about this.

Brent - It will take place Aug. 27, 28, 29 and we'll have close to 400 professional men and women involved with our membership event, extending invitations to area businesses to come on board and make the Chamber a stronger organization for the business community.

Shannon - What is the benefit for local businesses?
Brent - The big benefit is really providing them with exposure, getting their brand out in the community and assisting the Chamber in being a stronger organization to recruit new industry, new business to the community and being a stronger voice at the local, state and federal level.

Shannon - Where is this being held?
Brent - It will take place at our office and we'll have close to 400 existing members coming in, volunteering, reaching out to their contacts.  It will take place at our offices on John Q. Hammons Parkway.

Shannon - Is there a cost?
Brent - Yes, we base the annual membership investment on the size of the business, so it's a good scale based on the size.  Most memberships are going to be in the range of $400-$700 annually.

Shannon - And these are business owners that range in all types of businesses, all age groups, really - there's something for everyone.
Brent - Absolutely.  We have businesses from sole proprietor all the way up to employers that may employ up to thousands of people.  So it really is a good fit for each and every business in the community. 
Right now, we have 2,000 member investors.  I think when this event is all said and done, we hope to reach that 2,300 mark.

When you become a member, you have access to our Small Business series that provides the small business owner with education and resources to really help them with their day to day operations.  Everything from succession training to health care reform, networking and tax law.

If you have questions about membership, call 862-5567 or visit the Chamber's website.

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