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Special Effects Team Shows Off Skills

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The movie "You're Next" debuts in theaters this weekend. A Springfield-base special effects studio involved in the movie show us how they make the magic.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Movie goers across the country are lining up for a good scare as the movie "You're Next" debuts in theaters this weekend.  A Springfield-base special effects studio is behind all the props and special effects for this gory horror flick. 

And today, the team is going to show KOLR10's Justin Doughtery how they do some of that movie magic.   Check the video to see how it all comes together.

Justin back with Mike Strain, the owner of Studio 2060, also known as FX Mike. Today we will push the drama button. We will have snow, explosions, zombies and more.

First the fake snow. "This is biodegradable," Strain points out.  "All you have to do is put water on it and it won't hurt the trees or plants."

Now to the cannon.  "This is an air pressure cannon. It has light weight chunks of plastic and ash, which is called "Hollywood dirt." We will set it off in the background later," Strain says.

But first, let's go ahead and push the "action" button and get things started.

Remember, these are professionals. Do not try any of these stunts at home.

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