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SNAP Cuts Add to Seasonal Employment Woes in Branson

BRANSON, Mo. -- Fall marks the beginning of seasonal employment layoffs in the entertainment industry. But this year families will also contend with reduced SNAP aid.
BRANSON, Mo. -- Seasonal changes in employment could make federal cuts worse for low-income families in Branson.
Many part-time and temporary workers in Branson rely on food stamps, and recent cuts to the SNAP program come at a time when incomes are already uncertain.
The volunteers at Christian Action Ministries have grown steadily busier in the last year.  Jack Burke, the food bank's chairman said seasonal employment changes exacerbate problems for the working poor, especially as their hours dwindle in the late fall.

“People are gearing up for the fact that they are about to go into a period of three or four months, in many cases, without work, trying to survive on whatever unemployment benefits they can get,” he said. “As well as whatever assistance they can get through the food stamp program.”
In a normal year, about a fourth of CAM’s clients are first time visitors. But in the last few months there's been a dramatic shift in the number of people asking for help for the first time.
“Already in October, we're beyond the demand we had in January a year ago. It's continuing to build,” Burke said.

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