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Smith Ready For 49ers Reunion

New Chiefs quarterback will face his old team Friday night.
KANSAS CITY, Mo--New quarterback Alex Smith might have a lot of tough match ups this season.

But this one might be the most awkward facing the team which drafted him number one overall back in 2005.

His career in san francisco considered a bust until a few years ago.

But then when he started playing great…he got benched again.

Alex Smith: "It's another preseason game and then again it's not, so…"

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith may be too busy adjusting to his new team to focus on the fact that he's facing his old one tonight.

Still he admits, it'll be strange to be playing against the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith: "A little different. Yeah I'm playing my old team and a lot of the guys that I've played with for a while now. But it's a preseason game and it's just another step."

Smith's old coach has fond memories of the former number one pick.

Jim Harbaugh: "I feel like there's a great friendship there. And a lot of history."

That's mostly a good history between the two.

Harbaugh helped turn smith's previously disastrous career around the last few years.

Smith: "Those guys gave me an opportunity, gave me a couple of opportunities over the years there. And Coach Harbaugh and that crew especially the last couple of years."

Harbaugh: "Great memories of his leadership and his play and the kind of person he was. He'd go up and down the lockerroom and was universally respected by his teammates and his coaches."

But the business of football interfered last season.

Despite leading the niners to 19 wins in a year and a half, Smith stayed on the bench after returning from an injury as Harbaugh rode the hot hand in Colin Kaepernick.

Smith: "Obviously we disagreed with what happened last year but you move on from it."

Smith moved on by way of a trade to the Chiefs where his new offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said recently that he's the best q-b in all of football.

Doug Pederson: "It's been great. I think he did come here with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. He's our guy. And we're going to war with him."

Smith seems to carry the same chip on his shoulder as new Chiefs coach Andy Reid who was all but exiled from Philadelphia.

Smith: "The thing that jumped out the most was passion for the game, passion for coaching and teaching out here on the field or in the classroom."

The new q-b / coach tandem has a lot to prove as does a team coming off a 2-14 season.

"We've got a hungry group. A group that's been soaking up information and can handle it. I think it's a credit to all the guys, kind of picking it up."

So tonight the Chiefs take on the niners.

Alex Smith takes on the team that drafted him stuck with him, benched him and dealt him.

It is just a preseason game.

But then again it's not.

Harbaugh: "I know the competitor that he is, he wants to win. And we do as well."
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