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Sick? How Much Can You Work Out?

Ever wonder if it is safe for your health to work out while you are under the weather? Here's a guide to what you might attempt.
When you're sick, going to the gym can sound like the worst idea ever.  But apparently, working out can be a good thing, as long as you follow some guidelines.  Starting with the "neck rule"

Doctor Richard Besser, suggests that if your symptoms are above the neck, you're safe to break a sweat.  Above the neck refers to sneezing, sinus pressure, stuffy nose.
Some doctors also say that light to moderate exercise can actually make you feel better. 

So here are some of the best exercise options when you're under the weather:

  • Take a walk.  You might not have a lot of energy, so a 20-minute walk could be best. 
  • If jogging, swimming or biking is part of your regular routine, some doctors believe there's no need to skip.  And running can be a natural decongestant -- but remember to take it easy.
  • Yoga can relieve stress -- and stretching can help to get rid of some of those cold-related aches and pains.

You should avoid:
  • Anything outdoors if it is cold,
  • over-exertion or endurance training,
  • and lifting weights

The bottom line -- listen to your body.  Also...Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly tend to get sick less. 

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