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Search For Missing Man

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's been nearly two weeks since a Camdenton man went missing. Friends and family gathered Saturday afternoon to search for 59-year old Donald Erwin.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The day's search for missing 59-year-old Donald Erwin started around 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon.
"We're going to areas that were not able to be covered last week because of one, time constraints and daylight hours and weather conditions," said Terry Bowen, Erwin's brother-in-law."

The search was spread over a 45-mile radius from Erwin's home in Camdenton-- the distance he would be able to travel with the gas left in his tank.

But the search process has been tough.

"We haven't gotten any leads," said Deputy Sheriff Jamee Rugen. "Really just keep searching the area in hopes to get some kind of clue or hit or something that somebody has seen him or seen a vehicle fitting that description with a male driving like he has. Aside from that, we don't have way to track him."
According to Erwin's wife, Karen Erwin, on the Sunday he disappeared, he said he was going to drive to a nearby store to purchase cigarettes, with nothing more than his silver Hyundai Elantra and a $13 gift card. Twenty-four hours after the initial search, Erwin was added to a national database for missing persons.
"It's been so long," said Erwin. "I'm scared to death of what happened to him."

Family members fear for his safety and survival.
"With no medications, anything, no money-- I don't know what else could be happening," said Karen Erwin.

But family members have not let up hope. Updates, comments, and warm wishes for Erwin's safe return have been flooding the search's Facebook page.
"We figure the more people we can get the word out to, the better the chances of finding him," said Bowen.
Tomorrow will be the two-week mark since Erwin's disappearance, an anniversary the family hopes they can one day put behind them.

"The long term plan is we're never going to stop," said Bowen. "We're not ever going to stop."

"Come home, please," said Erwin. "I can't stand it."

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