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Ron Burgundy Pitches Dodge Durangos

The world's most famous fake anchorman has now become a real car salesman. And you won't want to "dodge" these ads...Ron Burgundy talking horsepower with a horse?
The world's most famous fake anchorman has now become a real car salesman. And you won't want to "dodge" these ads.

Would you buy a new car from this guy?

"But I'm the only one with the guts to tell you about this glove box."
Ron Burgundy has left his anchor desk for the dodge showroom, where's he's proudly pitching the Durango's glove box?

"This thing goes on for inches. It comes standard."
Will Ferrell's not so standard SUV ads are a two-fer , promoting both the Durango and Ferrell's next movie "Anchorman 2."

You've gotta hand it to Farrell.  He shot more than 70 Durango videos, most for the web, some for TV. They're getting a lot of miles per gallon out of these spots.

"25 m-p-grrrs. Highway what m-pay-jay. mu-pa-ga. mu pa gas."

Hey, everyone knows he says whatever you write on a teleprompter.
"I'm Ron Burgundy?"  "Dammit, who typed question mark on the teleprompter."

"25 m-p-g em-pa-gas.  I'm saying it right but it just doesn't sound familiar."

But will these ads make Americans more familiar with Durangos? Dodge sells less than a third as many Durangos as Ford sells Explorers.

Wait a minute! Ron Burgundy didn't drive a Durango in Anchorman.
He threw a burrito out of his gold Pontiac Catalina. But then the Durango wasn't around at the time the movie was set back in the 70's.

"On my right is the new Dodge Durango with up to 360 horsepower. On my left is one horse with one horsepower. Makes you feel pretty dumb doesn't it?"

Chrysler says you're seeing Will Ferrell's improvisational genius at work.
"Look at you you're worthless."

That he ad-libbed as the horse gazed at him.
"Staring contest. Go! I win!"

Chrysler's chief marketing officer told the Detroit Free Press;  "Some of these lines in the commercials are so incredibly memorable that my hope is that they become part of the anchorman culture."

So instead of   "you stay classy San Diego" - maybe we'll all be running around saying...."It comes standard."

(Jeanne Moos, CNN)

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