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Rob in Alaska - Panning for Gold

Rob Evans continues his trip through Alaska with KOLR10 Viewers. His video postcard today includes panning for gold.
Rob Evans continues his trip through Alaska with KOLR10 Viewers.  His video postcard today includes panning for gold

Here we are in Fairbanks, Alaska. We are panning for gold. As you can probably see here...we're at a place called Gold Dredge and they give you this little bag of what they swear is pay dirt and we put this in here and we simply pan for gold like everyone is here. So we're going to see how we do.

It takes a bit of practice to separate the gravel and the rocks from the pay dirt but it is fun and it's easy to see why 100,000 prospectors flocked to Alaska back in the 1890's looking for the big payout. None of us hit it big, though Paula and Jan were the richest from our group collecting about 40 bucks worth of gold.

"What do you think Jan?"
"I'm going into gold panning"
"You ever seen that much gold before Jan?"
"Not even in his teeth!"

When you're done panning they weigh the flakes. You can keep them in a film canister or put them into a necklace and wear it around.  You can even buy some pre-made golden goodness.

These may look like they're filled with gold but it's actually just a few bucks worth of flakes inside of a solution that magnifies the gold and makes it float like a snow globe. Definitely a unique gift.

And speaking of unique...the Fairbanks climate has been 80 pretty much all summer long but it drops to 40 below in the winter. 40 degrees below...what is that like? 

"Alright so I'm standing in this room. It's an experience here in Fairbanks. It's called the 40 below room  and it's literally...well negative 35 degrees right now. And I'm like oh, it's not  that bad, I can stay in here for a little while...until I decided to breathe through my nose  and realized that my nose hairs are actually frozen. They have icicles on them. I'd show you but that's kind of gross."

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