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Ride Along in a B-25 Bomber

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Take a ride inside what's considered the all-purpose plane of World War II.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- The B-25 Bomber was originally built in 1941. It was made famous by the Doolittle Raiders on April 18, 1942. Sixteen B-25s bombed Tokyo just four months after Pearl Harbor. The B-25 was the all purpose plane of WWII. Its duties included, bomber, transport and even torpedo bomber.

If you just want to go see the plane, you can do so for free. But if you want to take a ride for yourself, the prices run from $395 (waist gunner) to $650 (flight deck) and will be in Springfield until Sunday (9/15). Hours of operation are 9:00am - 6:00pm.

The purpose for the flying museum is to "serve to keep our aircraft in the skies and spreading the word across the country the story of our history."

You can reserve your spot by calling (480) 322-5503 or e-mailing b25rc@azcaf.org.

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