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Relief for Fall Allergies

Football, mild weather, the glorious change in leaves nature offers - there's so much to love about the fall. But millions of people with fall allergies tell a very different story.
Millions of people with fall allergies suffer every day.  So how can allergy sufferers find relief from their symptoms? 

Anne Corbitt loves the fall- walking, hiking, camping and tailgating.
"Sometimes that's been really tough, because of my allergies, because just standing outside, um, can make them happen," Corbitt says.

Since her teens, year-round allergies slowed her down.  In fall, a major culprit?  Ragweed.

In addition, mold spores can often be found on fallen leaves and as a result.

"It's very common for people who have year-round allergies to have worsening of their symptoms during the fall.... as well as spring," notes Dr. Alan Redding, an allergist with Piedmont Atlanta.

Dr. Redding tells patientsthere are some steps they can take that can help, including....

-buying hepa air filters.

-using a saline nasal spray.

-avoiding raking or bagging leaves if they have a sensitivity to mold, or using a mask.

And… "If they need to work outdoors or spend significant amounts of time outdoors, its best that they do that later in the day," Redding suggests.

Redding says these tips may help with mild symptoms.. but see a board-certified allergist if symptoms are more severe, like in anne's case.

She started on allergy shots almost two years ago.

The immunotherapy works by gradually reducing a person's sensitivity to their allergens.

"The shots have been life-changing," Corbitt says. 

She can now enjoy all that the season has to offer. 

(Holly Firfer for CNN's Health Minute)

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