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Record Crowd At Saturday Chiefs Camp

A record crowd saw Chiefs practice on Saturday.
ST. JOESEPH, Mo. -- Fans have been filling the edges of the Missouri Western practice fields for the last week and a half to see a 2-14 team train for the 20-13 NFL season.

Saturday a record 6,000 people packed the bleachers, grassy knolls and VIP tents to watch a new-look Kansas City Chiefs team get ready for Friday's game at New Orleans.

"Great turnout today by the fans," said coach Andy Reid. "We appreciate that. And the players, they feel that. We've had live periods. So we had two of them today. So what's the next step? The next step is going in to the game. Start off with the preseason game, and see how they handle that. When the lights come on, and then you come back, you practice some more, and go through another couple of those, three of them. And then you get ready for the season. And you see how it works during the season. Every team's got it's own personality that they develop. And this is part of it."

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