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Pumpkin Spices Up Profit

SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Pumpkins are making their way back into decorations, pies, and even coffee. But is spicing up your coffee with the seasonal flavor worth the effort from the shops.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Just what is it about the relationship between fall and that round, orange fruit. Yes, pumpkin is a fruit, and more accurately, a berry. But no matter what it is, it's the latest craze for our coffee. while coffee shops pump out the spice, is there an increase in profit?

Over 50% of Americans drink coffee every day, and just outside of that percentage is Ashley Double.

"On a semi regular basis," said coffee drinker Ashley Double.

But now it's officially fall.

"I would say we started this year the last of August with the pumpkin craze," said Randy Austin, part owner of coffee shop, The Dancing Mule

Ashley has a new choice at the counter, which could cause her to join half of America.

"I do see myself tend to drink more because of it," said Ashley.

The pumpkin latte, branded by many as the staple of the season.

"More than any other flavor it has that really district season," said Randy.

Is offered at coffee shops across the nation.

"Why not add one great thing to another great thing, you know pumpkin and coffee, why not," said Ashley.

The Dancing Mule and part owner Randy Austin answered why not, creating their own pumpkin syrup.

"Anything you can think of, we can use it in. We have to experiment with it to get the right taste," said Randy.

But with a drop in temperature outside, does the pumpkin flavor boost sales inside?

"They're just substituting one drink for another drink seasonally," said Randy.

A substitution, not an addition. But still better to be pumpkiny and sorry.

"If you didn't have it, that would be the bigger impact. They want pumpkin and they would go to where they could find it," said Austin.

So tis the season just to satisfy the customer by spicing up the menu.

"I love that seasonal flavor. You don't get it year around so why not get it in the fall when you can," said Ashley.
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