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Pumpkin Carver Creates 3D Art

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio -- You've heard of Linus' "Great Pumpkin." Well, this time of year, Deane Arnold has tons of "great pumpkins."
REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio -- You've heard of Linus' "Great Pumpkin."  Well, this time of year, Deane Arnold has tons of "great pumpkins."

The Reynoldsburg artist creates a great pumpkin each day, at the very least.  Art is in Arnold's blood which happens to run a little orange around Halloween.

He carves pumpkins and gourds, big and small. One piece takes him five to eight hours, and if you watch him working, you'll know why.  The pumpkin heads are a long way from regular jack-o'-lanterns.

The graphic artist has an edge and an eye on most of the population.  Still, you'll never guess that he took up the 3D carvings within the last year.

"I went, 'Wow, these are cool. I wonder if I could do that,'" Arnold says.

He grabbed his clay carving tools, and the rest is history.  Just about every one of his pumpkin personalities is born in his garage.  When he puts the garage door up, kids in the neighborhood get a kick out of his work.

Deane Arnold:
"And the kids all go, 'Yeah!'"

When it's time to fine tune face details, Arnold heads into the kitchen.  He uses a tool like a potato peeler to do the work.  One time, he even blew out his wrist while working on his pumpkin palooza.

Deane Arnold:
"I was wearing a brace for three days after."

Arnold says no one person inspires his pumpkin personalities. He and his wife say the carvings are not even male or female.

Deborah Wright, Arnold's Wife:
"But he has had me make expressions in a camera as a reference for him."

A glimmer in an eye or the furrow of a brow are expressions he borrows from real people.  He tunes the world out while he is working. Debbie calls it "Deane time."

Deborah Wright:
"For the love of the pumpkin, I won't see him for most of the month."

Arnold's pumpkins start at one-hundred-50 dollars and go up based on the complexity and size.

(Kristyn Hartman, WBNS for CBS Newspath)

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