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Proposed School Appeals to Homeschoolers, Branson Families

BRANSON, Mo. -- The School of the Ozarks will start phasing in K-8 education next fall.
POINT LOOKOUT, Mo. – School of the Ozarks, branch of College of the Ozarks, plans to move forward with an expansion into elementary and junior high.

The small school currently houses more than 50 high school students. Eventually the institution plans to admit 15-20 students per grade in the elementary, slightly more in the junior high and high schools.

The small, bustling hallways of S of O include two of Nancy Lingner’s seven children. She homeschooled them and two of her other kids, and currently instructs the other three at home.

Now the school is expanding into elementary and junior high education, and Lingner says that could be good news.

“The education is far superior to what I could offer at home,” she said.

And Derek Bell’s family feels the same way.

“The biggest reason to look outside of the public school system is the christian background of the college,” he said. “We don't necessarily get that in public schools.”

The school is part of the College of the Ozarks and will offer work-based tuition. Sue Head and other administrators say an expansion would reflect the school’s original goals.

“The original mission of this school was a christian education to both sexes who were worthy but unable to afford such an education,” Head said. “We feel like we're still continuing that mission, we're just expanding the reach.”

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