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Physician: Flu Vaccine - Timing is Key

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – School has began and summer is near its end - flu season is next.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – School has began and summer is near its end, which creates the perfect combination for a new season. Flu Season.

Though the warmer temperatures could delay the fever, cough and sore throat, local clinics are prepared for the virus.

As advised by health care providers, it’s never too early to pay attention to the facts regarding the flu virus.

As of May 18, 2013, the CDC reports nearly 37,000 cases of the flu in the state of Missouri. Almost 13,000 of those cases for children between the ages of 5 and 14, while just under 7,000 were ages 25-49.

These numbers are from the 2011-2012 flu season.

A common form of protection from those statistics and the virus is the flu vaccine.

“The pharmaceutical companies have released the vaccine,” says Physicians Assistant Kevin Kelly.

Last week, health care providers like The Family Medical Walk-In Clinic in Springfield received its shipment of the flu vaccine.

“They just wanted to make it available,” says Kelly.

Even though the supply is in, however, Kelly warns it’s too early for a demeand.

“Getting it too early may develop flu symptoms later on in the winter,” says Kelly.

The flu vaccine lasts a few month and it takes a few weeks to get the full benefit, which is knowledge that can help prepare for the peak season of the flu virus.

“Which is typically January or Februrary,” says Kelly.

To be fully prepared for the flu in the winter months, it all comes down to timing.

“Typically we do not start giving the shots unitl October,” says Kelly. “Generally that’s when we recommend getting the flu shot.”

Mid to late October is when Kelly recommends the public shoots for the shot and a doctor-recommended date is October 31.

It’s an easy date to remember for an easy way to prevent the flu.

Interested to know how active the flu virus is in your area? Click here for a weekly-updated map.

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