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Speed Skater from Springfield to Compete in Sochi Olympics

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A speed skater from the Ozarks is heading to Russia to compete in the Olympics.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A speed skater from the Ozarks is heading to Russia to compete in the Olympics.

Emily Scott is one of just three women on the U.S. Short Track team.

To say Craig Scott is proud of his daughter, Emily, would be an understatement.

"Actually I go to the store and people say aren't you Emily Scott's dad?" he said.

The 24-year-old speed skater grew up in Springfield.

She began her career in a much warmer environment than an ice rink.

She started in-line skating at Skateport in Springfield and trained here for many years before she switched to ice skating.

"They used to have these little meets around Springfield, Branson area and we'd go to those and she'd race and that's when we started noticing that she's pretty good at this," Craig Scott said.

Years of in-line skating later, Emily Scott traded in her wheels for blades, for one reason.

"She said I want to go to the Olympics," he said.

She tried out four years ago for the last winter Olympics.

"They took six people at that point and she placed ninth," he said.

But this year she made the team and qualified for all three possible races.

"She'll be competing in the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m," he said.

And her dad will be there to watch, thanks to financial help from the community.

"A lot of people I don't even know contributed and a lot of my friends and family right here in this area," he said.

Emily started a Rally Me campaign to help her dad pay the thousands of dollars the trip will cost.

"I actually got my tickets yesterday to go, so I'm definitely going now," he said.

From Springfield to Sochi, this dad is thrilled to continue on this journey with his daughter as she chases her dream of Olympic gold.

"I'm really excited about it and hopefully she'll do good," he said.

Her qualifying begins on February 10 and we certainly wish her the best of luck!
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