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October Brings Life to Area Haunted Houses

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – To some, October is a great time to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while stocking up on candy for those cute little trick-or-treaters. For others, it’s a time to pay to get scared so bad that you cry. For those people, here is a look at some of the haunted houses that the Ozarks has to offer...
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – To some, October is a great time to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while stocking up on candy for those cute little trick-or-treaters.  For others, it’s a time to pay to get scared so bad that you cry.  For those people, here is a look at some of the haunted houses that the Ozarks has to offer:

Ozark Nightmares Haunted House

22599 Hwy 32, Lebanon, Mo 65536

Take a walk through this haunted house, where the O’Malleys showcase their tight-knit family and their love of blood, death and fear.
Also featuring a non haunted hayride and corn maze

The Twisted Forest

601 Reddings Rd. Joplin, Mo.

This diverse attraction seeks to expound on the existing buildings and wooded areas of the property. The 45-minute, harrowing trail is a dark 6/10 of a mile outdoor trek along uneven ground. You will be taken through the woods as well as through a number of dilapidated buildings - including the original house and barn. Along with these structures, you will also encounter a 3,000 sq. foot enclosed maze. Live actors are located at every twist and turn to bring the current tale of folklore screaming to life.

Hotel of Terror
334 North Main Ave., Springfield, MO 
(417) 863-9640

Since 1978 the Hotel of Terror has been a safe place to bring your whole family or just drop off your kids while the worried mother sits in the car watching them move forward in the line until they disappear in the door. Today, they implement all four floor to let loose 25 or more live actors to scare all those who enter.  In the end, there is no escape except a 96-foot slide leading to the safety of reality below.

Haunted House Battlefield
4051 W Sierra, Battlefield, MO 65619

Haunted House Battlefield is scaring people in the Ozarks with a theme of “DEAD END.” There are several rooms with the dead rising from the walls, ground and other frightening areas. A word of caution from their website:

“Do not visit our haunt if you are afraid of the dark, do not like confined spaces, loud sounds or flashing lights that make you cry. This isn't a sissy haunt so we will not let kids in that will need to be held or carried. Leave them in our kid friendly zone adjacent to the line.”
Because the haunted house is free, it is asked that participants arrive early and expect a 30-45 minute wait.  Also, it is asked that you bring a couple of cans of food for their food drive for Ozarks Food Harvest.

Branson Haunted Screampark
16430 Hwy 13, Reeds Spring, Mo 65737

Located nearby in Branson West, Branson’s Haunted Screampark is not one but four haunted attractions in one location. Be the first to experience the all new “Camp Huntakill”, where camping isn’t your favorite summer pass time.  Come join the nightmare in the all new “Total Mayhem”, where nightmares become reality, complete with scary clowns.  Also experience the improved  “Clinically Dead”, a genetic experiment gone so, so wrong. Top all this scary fun with the haunt classic  “Branson’s Haunted Adventure”, featuring many floors of terror, animatronics, special effects, and a mirror maze that you may never find your way out of.

Haunted Ozarks
195 Evergreen St., Hollister, MO

Haunted Ozarks Presents: DESCENT -- Back for the 2013 season with an All New SLEEPY HOLLOW Maze. Do you dare enter the Lair of Grimm to face your fears?

Haunted Ozarks is a terrifying haunted attraction in Hollister, Missouri, running through October 31. In the expanded warehouse, experience Hollywood style sets, special effects and terrifying ghouls ready to scare you.

Trail of Fears Spooktrail
12187 Apple Rd., Carthage, Missouri 64836
(281) 947-2279

With a brand new attraction, "Zombies!", this venue features the most unique spook house experience in the area. "Trail of Fears" features an all new design for 2013 including a huge hay maze and outdoor trail. This one location features two attractions for a low price. Come out and see if you can survive.

The Dead of Night
1100 Prosperity Ave., Joplin, Missouri 64801

You will begin by hopping aboard one of thier rides to enter into The Dead of Night. You will then be guided down a wooded trail to be prey to none other than zombies! As the vehicle makes its way through the infested woods, you will have to protect yourselves. Our zombie safe rides are equipped with paintball guns to fight off all zombie threats. This should be easy for you to do, for as far as we know the zombies don't shoot back. All ages are welcome at this event.

Gates of Hell
1916 Crane Dr. Joplin 64804

You will experience intense conditions and horrifying scares once you enter the Gates of Hell Haunted House. This attraction will take you through a 30-minute challenge to find your way back out to the real world, in this challenge you will go through terrifying scenes of horror, the lost woods, and even slide down from the 2nd story.

The Haunted Hill
22235 Red Wing Rd., Waynesville, Missouri 65583

“The long, dark road will take you there. Be frightened, be alert, be aware. Untamed creatures wait for your arrival. Beg, plead, pray for survival! A trail full of terror will try to deceive you. Trust your instincts, they will help lead you. You make it out, you feel the thrill, but your spirit is now part of -- the haunted hill!”  This attraction is not recommended for children 10 and under.

Haunted Hollow
5103 W State Hwy. O, Willard, MO 65781 US
(417) 838-1007

Haunted Hollow is a family owned and operated business specializing in Halloween fun! New to the attraction for the 2013 Season is their expanded corn maze covering 8 acres.

The Deadly Dungeons
302 S. Clarke Ave., Clever, Missouri.
417-743-DEAD (3323)

The Dungeons are bigger and even more deadly than ever. Do not miss the opportunity to try and escape this two-story haunted house. Check them out on Facebook, too.

3rd Dimension Haunted Attraction
906 Elm St., Mountain View, Missouri 65548

3rd Dimension is a haunted attraction in Mountain View, MO started in 2008. The managers of this haunt have been in the haunt business for going on 12 years this October. They hope you come join the festivities and experience a whole new world of terror.

Haunted Forest
8996 North Farm Road 149, Pleasant Hope, Missouri 65725
(417) 833-9467

A half mile walk through a haunted forest, swamp, barn, garden, bio-hazard area and cemetery. This is the second year of fear for this haunted attraction.

Zombie Attack! Live-Action Haunted Adventure
Paint Games Plus, 1411 W Kearney, Springfield, Missouri
(417) 866-8862

Armed with a team of friends and an airsoft gun, you are sent through a warehouse and a 2.5 acre trail to destroy zombies. You are responsible for the survival of the human race

In preparation for the adrenaline-pumping, terror-inducing festivities, take a look at these photos from the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls... will you react like these people?
**These are just a taste of area haunted houses open to the public.  For more, check out websites like HauntedHouse.com or HauntWorld.com.
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