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New Year's Eve Ideas: What to Wear

(Springfield, MO) -- What better way to ring in the New Year than in an outfit you love?
(Springfield, MO) -- What better way to ring in the New Year than in an outfit you love?

Andrea Christy, who owns Modern Society (331 S. Campbell Ave) in Springfield, has some ideas for what to wear.
"Sequins! I think sequins and embellished dresses, embellished tops are huge right now and they're hard to keep on the shelves."
She says anything goes right now, and you've always got your little black dress, but color is making a big comeback.
"Your little red dress is actually kind of coming into play and replacing the little black dress."
And besides sequins being a New Years must-have, "color blocking and neon accents are huge," says Christy.
But what if you're just doing something low key?
"I would stick to jeans and maybe a nice little tailored black top or throw your neon accents on with your top and earrings."
But if you're going out in a simple outfit, accessories are a must.
"Your diamonds, your glitter, and big chandelier earrings to kind of dress things up is kind of the way to go."
But if you're wearing sequins or something fancy, keep the accessories to a minimum.
"The dress speaks for itself and you kind of want to minimize the accessories in order to just accent the dress and not take away from it."
And it's winter, so wearing a dress in the cold doesn't sound too appealing, but Christy says there are plenty of ways to make it work.
"A lot of people are doing leggings with the tunics or very opaque tights to kind of keep warm."
She says a little pashmina or shawl would be the best bet to dress something up and stay warm.
"But there's also a lot of dresses out there that are long-sleeved that help keep warm without having to wear a jacket or haul around a coat."
She says to take advantage of a night where you can get dressed up and have fun with what you're wearing.
"Take advantage of the opportunity to snazz it up!"
Whatever you decide to wear, Christy says this is the time of year to rock your best outfit.
"When it comes to New Year's, I would just go big or go home!"
Christy says when it comes to guys, wearing basic black pants and a fitted button-up with a tie always looks nice. And if you're going for something more low-key, just replace the tie with a scarf.
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