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Neighbors Stunned by Arrests of Cold Case Suspects

CHADWICK, Mo. -- Tonight we shed more light on a couple s dark secret. They hid in Christian County for decades, and now are behind bars charged with murder.
CHADWICK, Mo. -- Tonight we shed more light on a couple s dark secret. They hid in Christian County for decades, and now are behind bars charged with murder.
As we first reported Monday night, Wyoming law enforcement believe Alice Uden shot and killed her ex-husband, Ronald Holt, back in the 70 s.

Her current husband, 71-year-old Gerald Uden was arrested and investigators say he confessed to the murder of his then wife, Virginia, and their 10  and 12- year old sons, Reagan and Richard.   For decades the Udens lived just outside of Chadwick.  Today, neighbors and the Christian County sheriff are talking about the arrests.

Sheriff Joey Kyle first learned the Udens were suspects when a Wyoming cold case team asked for help late last week.   For neighbor Allen Bishop, the Udens were an elderly couple that needed help.

Bishop certiainly did not suspect his neighbors of murder, like Wyoming authorities had for decades. "Just shocked, disbelief," says Bishop.  "I ve known them for about 12 years."

The people Wyoming authorities are saying are ruthless killers were quiet next door neighbors. "I didn't know Gerald as well a I did Alice because he was on the road all the time in the truck but she had a lot of medical problems."

Bishop and his wife helped his neighbors and they helped the Bishops. "I'd take care of the fences an look in on Alice."  You can hear the sadness in Bishops words as he tries to reconcile the Udens he knew -"They were friendly, they weren't mean or self centered, they didn't bother anybody," - with the people accused of killing to leave their previous life behind.

"Here again, that was 40 year ago, none of us can see the other side of the coin, what was going on at that time. There s not much excuse for shooting kids, none at all.  As far as the other ex-spouses we weren't there we can t say what that' s about."

Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle says the Uden s have been suspected for years by Wyoming law enforcement. "They already had the arrest warrant for Alice, they interviewed her.  Subsequently, Gerald who was out the state at the time driving a truck. When he returned, he talked to him and got enough evidence to arrest him."

And hid in plain sight for more than two decades in Christian County. "How do you sleep at night when you are lying next to a murder?" Kyle asks.  "I guess because you are one yourself."

Bishop is a little more charitable mostly because of Alice's health. "Because they are both elderly,  if they did what they are accused of doing,  that is no excuse.  But I hope they are taken care of because they've got almost 40 years behind them of a good life and they've been good neighbors."

Alice and Gerald Uden waived extradition to Wyoming meaning they will return to the state voluntarily. None of the court documents point to a specific motive in the case.

This cold case got new life when the skeletal remains of Ronald Holtz, Alice Uden s ex-husband, were found during recent search of an abandoned mine shaft in rural Laramie County, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Division of criminal investigation created a cold case team in late 2012.

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