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Neighbors Speak as Arrests Continue in Alpine Village Assault

(Republic, MO) -- A strange street brawl in a quiet neighborhood is still under investigation. Tonight, another suspect is behind bars, while another is at large.<br><br>
(Republic, MO) -- A strange street brawl in a quiet neighborhood is still under investigation.

It happened Monday morning at the Alpine Village Mobile Home Park in Republic along Highway 60.

Authorities say at least 12 people were inside the mobile home -- four of them were held against their will for several hours.

A 24-year-old man was beaten so severely he was taken to the hospital.

One suspect is still on the run. Shane Launius, 26, is charged with First Degree Assault and Felonious Restraint. He may be armed.

Four other men are behind bars for their involvement in the brawl.

Aaron Kurek, 20, was arrested Thursday afternoon. Kenneth Shaw, 18, Larry Shaw, 60, and Davy Montgomery, 32, were all arrested earlier in the week.

Davy Montgomery rents the home where that brawl took place. Neighbors say out of all the people inside that house when the brawl took place, they only knew one person: Montgomery.

They call him a "good old boy" with a troubled past.

Crime scene tape and blood on the pavement serve as painful reminders for the neighborhood in shock.

"It scares me an awful lot," says Carol Locke. "I never dreamed anything like this would happen in this neighborhood."

The brawl spilled out into the street. Montgomery accused the victim of stealing his gun.

"I'm asking, 'where is the gun?'" says Locke. "And what really happened over there?'"

For months, neighbors like Locke noticed a surge in car traffic by the house and random people coming and going at all hours.

"I have no idea," says Carolyn Booher. "And never, ever did you see his blinds open. My daughter and I would say what does he do in there all day long. There were days he never left the house."

Montgomery paid monthly rent to Booher.

"He was never behind. He always paid every month."

Booher says she never knew where the money came from. Montgomery dropped out of school and didn't work.

She says years ago, Montgomery spent time behind bars on meth charges and continues to fight alcohol addiction. Recently, he told Booher he was bipolar and suffered from seizures.

"He was always so nice to me," says Booher. "He'd always say, 'if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call me.'"

Neighbors had never heard of the four other suspects. All but one of those men have criminal records.

The victim was beaten very badly but is in stable condition.

The Greene County Sheriff's Office says the investigation's winding down.

Deputies are looking for one more witness. They're still on the hunt for Launius.

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