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Need to Track Your Kids this Halloween? There's an App for That

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Trick or Treating can be chaotic. Now, using technology, parents can keep track of where their kids are at all times on their smartphones.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  There's now a better way to keep track of your trick or treaters.

Several smartphone apps allow parents to feel better about having their kids out on Halloween night.

With children going from one stranger's door to another, it's easy for parents to stress about their safety.  With today's technology, though, parents can now track their kids journeys to make sure they get the candy they want while staying safe.

When it comes to smartphones these days, there's an app for basically anything.  And now, there's even an app for worried parents.

"You wouldn't want anything bad to happen," says Bradley Fick.  "And you never know who is out there these days."

"It's so easy," says Alicia Barron.  "Because they want to see something and this one goes one way and another one gets scared and stays behind."

With all the masks, hats and scary costumes worn around on Halloween night, it's easy to separate from children.  Now, parents with smartphones can worry a little bit less because there's an app for that.

Call it "track or treat."  Parents can keep track of their children using multiple smartphone apps including "My Friends," "Trick or Treating," "Securafone," "GPS Phone Tracker," and more.
"When it comes to tracking the kids and keeping track of your children, I like it," Barron says.

"I think that's a great idea," says Fick.

The apps are available on Iphones and Androids and are mostly $1.99 or less.

"That is awesome." says Quinton Perry, who will be Trick or Treating with his mother.  "The coolest thing ever!"

The apps track people using maps.

"It's pretty cool," says Kayben Kirby, who will also be Trick or Treating.

Adults can use the apps to stay in tune with where their children are at all times.

"That's pretty good," says Barron.  "Because in the past, kids have wandered off for themselves and we couldn't find them."

But with the help of technology, parents and their children can now have a little peace of mind for a spooktacular night this Halloween.

"Does it make you feel safer at all?" We asked Quinton.  "A lot," he replied.

In addition to the tracking apps, there are also apps that can be used to discover where the largest candy treats can be found.
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