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Nail Art: A Trend for All Shapes and Sizes

(Springfield, MO) -- Fashion keeps evolving and the latest trend catching up with women is nail art.

(Springfield, MO) -- Fashion keeps evolving and the latest trend catching up with women is nail art.

The trend, which seems to have caught the attention women of all ages, is one that brings a quick change, but has profound effect on your appearance.

Nail art is simple yet eye-catching enough that you'll receive compliments from friends and strangers on the street.

"People totally try to make a statement with their nails," says Katie Bettinger, a nail technician. She says you don't need fake nails or tips to enjoy the trend. "It can be very cost efficient depending on what you want. You can do it yourself at home or you can go to a salon."

Bettinger says being a nail technician, she's seen it all.

"Animal print is really popular -- anything abstract. I've painted peoples' names on their nails."

Especially around the holidays.

"I've done fireworks. I've done Christmas things. Spider webs for Halloween."

Nail art is one thing that women can agree on. It's an affordable luxury, says Stephanie Murphy, who dons nail art frequently. "It's a really inexpensive way to pamper yourself and do it in a short amount of time."

You can try something different every time or keep the same look, but it is one trend that's easy to change, she says.

"I think it is fun, it's something different, something to accent your outfit or what you're wearing for the day."

"I think it's versatile," adds Bettinger. "It's temporary. You can change it day by day if you wanted to, it's an easy quick fix to express yourself."

You can quickly do it yourself or go to a salon, but the finished product can really make or break a look.

"It totally can change the look of your outfit," says Bettinger. While every person may want something different, "it just kind of depends on peoples' personality and their style."

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