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Multiple Slashed Tires in One Springfield Neighborhood

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Residents along South Wildan Avenue woke up to flat tires.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It was around 7:30 am Friday morning when Grant Clyde discovered that someone had damaged one of his most expensive possessions.

"My bike had fallen, so I went to check my tires and looked at both of them," Clyde said. "The holes in my tires were pretty small."

Clyde, a resident of town and campus apartments along wildan avenue, said that he's heard of minor car incidents, but that he wasn't prepared for this.

"Instant anger and I went to tell the cop," Clyde said. "I tried to keep a cool head."

But the tires on Clyde's motorcycle weren't the only ones that were slashed in along his neighborhood-- a total of 13 vehicles were targeted on South Wildan Ave.

According to Lt. Robert Pitts from the Springfield Police Department, the tires of 12 cars and one motorcycle were slashed. Pitts said that the inicident appears to be random acts that occured overnight, and that no suspects have yet been confirmed. Many residents are filled with shock, anger, and frustration as they tried to comprehend why someone would commit such an act.

"They had a lot of time," said Clyde. "They were bored. That's all there is to it."

"That's insane that anybody would like literally go down the entire street and slash everybody's tires," said Jeremy McMinn, a resident along Wildan Ave. Mcminn considers himself fortunate since he parked on the side lot of his apartment complex. Others, like Mark Jones, weren't so lucky. Jones woke up to flat tires on his family car.

"How could somebody do that? What kind of gratification or satisfaction can somebody get out of doing something like that to so many people," said Jones.

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