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MSU Administration Asking for Input on Nerf Gun Policy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Concerns are being raised at Missouri State University about the safety of the game "Humans Versus Zombies." The administration is looking for input on nerf gun policies on campus.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Concerns are being raised over a popular game played on Missouri State University's campus. 

It's called "Humans Versus Zombies" or "HVZ."  Students chase each other around campus and shoot one another with Nerf weapons.  The game is played each semester.

While there is currently no push to ban the Nerf guns, the administration is looking for input as it reviews the policy for allowing these toys on campus.

Human Versus Zombies is played by more than 800 organizations across the nation.

"It takes the stress out of college," says MSU Freshman Chris Kite.

This year, Humans Versus Zombies, which is organized by the Live Action Society, attracted nearly 500 players.  So far, MSU's game is the biggest for the fall of 2013.

"I get really excited for it," says Live Action Society Member Chad Holmes.  He's been involved in the game for five years.  "It's my favorite game we play," he adds.

The Live Action Society organizes different nerf games throughout the year, but now Live Action Society members are worried nerf guns could be banned on campus.

"Right now they're just collecting information from students," says Holmes.

"The gun is a huge factor in the game," says Kite.  "There's no reason to ban these.  It's a foam dart.  It isn't going to hurt you."

"Nerf brings in experts and lawyers to make sure their guns can't be mistaken for real weapons in any way," says MSU Senior Dan Heth.  "So I understand the concern, but I think it's unfounded."

Students say some departments have concerns about the Nerf guns on campus.  We couldn't reach anyone for a comment on that, but we asked several students who don't participate what they think about the game.

"I don't find it disruptive at all," says MSU Sophomore Brenden Fischer.  "It's funny to watch people sprint across campus."

Many colleges have banned the game outright due to gun violence concerns, but MSU players involved hope their campus doesn't become one of them.

"Our organization does nothing but play with Nerf guns," says Heth.  "So if they're banned, it's the end of the organization and possibly the end of HVZ."

"I think it would be silly to ban them," says Fischer.  "It's just people having fun."

A meeting to discuss the policy has been scheduled for early November.

To learn more about the game Humans Versus Zombies, click here.
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