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Morning Sports Report - October 14, 2013

The Cardinals' Adam Wainwright is your Game 3 starter tonight. Rookie pitchers have been in the spotlight
The record for rookie pitchers used in a league championship series was four for the whole series.
The Cards used four in one game Saturday, beating the Dodgers 1-0 to gain a 2-0 series lead
It all started with Michael Wacha

Michael Wacha: "It's hard to say. I feel like it's just confidence in myself and just pitching out there. Attacking the strike zone and working down in the zone as well. Whenever I would get in trouble I was leaving balls up in the zone and people would crush them all over the place. I'm really just trying to work down in the zone and really it works to my advantage."

Card head coach Mike Matheny: "He's going about it the right way there's no question. And just watching him continue to improve is pretty impressive."
Trevor Rosenthal: "You see some of the other guys going out there and doing so well and filling in in spots. You just want to try and fit in and have each other's back and that's what this team's all about."

Dan Lucy: "Going up to the west coast 2-0."
Rosenthal: "Yeah it's the spot we wanted to be in. It's going to be tough out there, especially against this lineup, just keep playing hard and try not to take anything for granted."

Adam Wainwright: "It's fun to watch. It's impressive what these young guys are going out and doing. I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's a very good team we're playing. I'll be prepared and I know they'll be prepared."

Adam Wainwright is your Game 3 starter tonight.
He will take on Dodgers rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu, who was impressive in his first big league season
Game is at seven on TBS.
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