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Mizzou's Texas Recruiting

ARLINGTON, Tx--Mizzou hopes their teams success this year will help with recruitment.

ARLINGTON, Tx--As if the Missouri Tigers haven't proven themselves enough this season they will get one last chance to showcase their talents this Friday night in the Cotton Bowl.

It should be a good one in Arlington on January, 3rd between No. 6 Mizzou and No. 13 Oklahoma State

It's no question that making it to the SEC Championship Game did wonders for the future of Mizzou's recruiting.

Luckily for Mizzou the Cotton Bowl being played in Texas, which is Mizzou's second largest recruitment state.

"We have 32 players on our roster from the state of Texas. Obviously Missouri is our number one state. We chose to place an emphasis here outside the state of Missouri to pick a high populated area that plays great high school football. So we chose to put a lot of coaches here and recruit at a high level," said Tigers coach Gary Pinkel.

"I know there are only two games on Friday, ours will be the second one. Hopefully, we will get a lot of Texas attention, being in Texas that will help with recruiting," said Tigers quarterback James Franklin.


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