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Mizzou Preps For Season Opener

Mizzou will take on Murray State in season opener.
COLUMBIA, Mo--The Mizzou Tigers will kick off their second season in the Southeastern conference Saturday night when they host Murray State.

It's Gary Pinkel's 13th season at the Tiger helm, and he's looking to put the injury filled 2012 season behind him.

Mizzou limped its way to a 5-7 campaign.

But this season has been a pleasant surprise for Pinkel with the Tigers suffering very little in terms of injuries in the preseason.

In fact, they get Henry Josey back from a knee injury.

Pinkel says James Franklin is his starting quarterback going into the season.

Mizzou has won 11 straight season openers and Pinkel has never lost to a FCS school as the Tigers coach.

Gary Pinkel/Mizzou Coach"I think we're real excited about getting going.  I know I am.  You come off a difficult year, your enthusiasm level and yuour want to get back at it again is heightened."

James Franklin/Mizzou QB:"Like you said we had a longer off season then we ever had in a long time.  So it's something we don't want to do again.  We're definitely motivated to hit somebody else and go out there and have a better year this year." 

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