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Missouri State Falls to Virginia

Missouri State finishes 2nd in the Corpus Christi challenge.
Corpus Christi, Tx--Missouri State in Texas trying to keep the momentum from Friday night's upset.
Jarmar Gulley start things out strong for the Bears. He hits the three. 3-0 Bears.

Then it's back to Gulley inside and off the glass and its 5-0 and 5 points for the Gulley.

Then Cav's Justin Anderson coming off the bench and tearing it up. Bears couldn't stop him. That made it 28-19.

2nd half Virginia opens it up. It's Joe Harris wide open makes it 56-34 Cavs.

Then it's inside to Mike Toby and he gets the hook and complete the old fashioned three point play.

Virginia wins it 83-63. But a great second place finish for the Bears.
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