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Missouri Man Now Faces Murder Charges for Two Separate Crimes

POLK COUNTY, Mo. -- Anthony Balbirnie recently faced charges in the death of Khighla Parks. Now, he's also charged in connection to a crime that took place in 2008.
POLK COUNTY, Mo. -- A man charged with killing a teen girl is now charged with another murder.

Anthony Balbirnie is one of three people accused of killing Khighla Parks last fall.  Larry Warner and Amy Hartley are the others.

Now, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is asking for the public's help to bring closure to not only this case, but another as well.

Larry Warner was taken into custody Tuesday.  He's now in the Dallas County Jail in connection to Khighla Parks' death.  She was found in Truman Lake in the fall of 2012 about a week after she was reported missing.  Anthony Balbirnie and Amy Hartley were also both charged last month in connection to the crime.

"All three individuals are charged with second degree murder," says Sergeant Jason Pace with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  "And there are additional charges as well."

But that isn't all.  Anthony Balbirnie is now charged in relation to another crime.  Investigators say in 2008, 31 year old Theresa Mohler was held against her will and forcibly injected with narcotics while Balbirnie raped her over several days.  Mohler escaped and was hospitalized but she had an infection from the injections and it led to her death.

"This was initially an investigation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff's office and they did request the Highway Patrol's help and we did investigate," says Sergeant Pace.  "There are crimes we investigate that you may not always be aware of and this is one case in particular."

Now, investigators are hoping anyone with information on these cases will come forward.

"These investigations are ongoing, investigators are continuing to investigate day after day even though it may be weeks, months, years later and after the fact," says Pace.  "And we are still investigating which is why we are encouraging the public, if there's anyone with additional information on these cases, to contact investigators and provide information to us so we can bring these cases to a close."

Sergeant Pace says investigators believe there are people out there that know more about these crimes.

Anyone with information is urged to call 417-895-6868.

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