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Minors Can't Buy Energy Shots at Local General Stores

One local general store refuses to sell energy shots to minors. That's a decision the entire corporation has made.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- One local general store refuses to sell energy shots to minors. That's a decision the entire corporation has made.

"First thing in the morning I have a habit of coming by and getting me a few energy drinks," said Jason Anderson, Casey's customer.

Jason Anderson works two jobs.

"Telemarketing sales and a sever."

Active for over 12 hours a day, Jason needs an extra boost from time to time.

"They do the job, keeps me going," said Jason.

Jason prefers the energy shots, as opposed to anything in a can.

"I switch from the red bull cause I heard the shots have more vitamins in them," said Jason

He's right, the shots do have more vitamins, sometimes too much.  For example an entire 30 ml bottle of Mio Energy contains 120% of the daily value for vitamins B6 and B12. Other shots contain much higher percentages.

"You could end up with toxicity from B vitamins. Numbness, tingling, and neurological disorders," said family medicine doctor, Dr. Louis Krenn.

But Dr. Louis Krenn's concerns continue, "Some have as much caffeine in them as a large cup of coffee and most don't stop there."

Tuesday Jason didn't stop there,"Got a couple 5-hour energy and I'm good."

 As an adult, he made the decision to buy two energy shots. But at Casey's General Stores, a minor can't buy even one energy shot.

"It just doesn't feel right. We consider ourselves a family oriented store," said Casey's Vice President of finance, Brian Johnson.

Confirmed by the Missouri Attorney General's Office, there is no legal age limit on the purchase of energy drinks. Still, if you want to buy an energy shot at Casey's, Vice President of finance Brian Johnson and the rest of the Casey's board require you to be 18 or older.

"Below the age of 18 sometimes they don't make the best decisions, it's not the fact that one shot has more caffeine then a cup of coffee, it's the fact they could buy of them and make a very concentrated drink," said Johnson.

Casey's ID's for only a select few energy drinks, but an 18 and over ID is required for everything found here, at what's called the energy end cap.

"What has us concerned is the concentration and the fact that its a sweeter profile," said Johnson.

So even though Kraft Foods does not consider its product, MIO energy, an energy shot, saying in a statement,

"It is a liquid water enhancer" and  "should not be consumed in excessive amounts."

Johnson says, "It just doesn't feel right to sell to kids, so we don't do it."
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