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Mike the Intern with Local Shows for September 13th -22nd

Been a while since I have been in but now that the kids are back in school the shows are going on in full effect.
Been a while since I have been in but now that the kids are back in school the shows are going on in full effect.

First up an early show going on this evening at Lindberg's on Campbell and Commercial. Its part of their Rhythm and Boom series which are shows that are done from 630 till 830 so you don't have to be out all night to enjoy some tunes and tonight it features Brother Wiley.

Brother Wiley are a great mix of musicians from Springfield and are on the Folk Rock side of things. Very good band if you like Tom Petty, Wilco, Springsteen, artists like that. The Cover for this show is $5 and should be a great one.

Once you get done folkin out with Brother WIley at Lindberg's, head downtown to the Outland Ballroom for a show with The Han Trio.

I have featured the Han Trio before on this show and for good reason. This three piece made up of members of Speakeasy do nothing but cover songs done by Trios which is awesome. And for only $5 this show is worth every penny. Should start at 930ish.

Next up on the list is a Sunday show at the Outland Ballroom and features the group Murder By Death.
Don't let the name fool you this isn't a black metal band or something, its just some indie band from Indiana. I would say these guys are Folk Rock, maybe a little rock, maybe a little country, just a lot of Americana in there. This should be a great show that will start at 7:30pm since its a Sunday show and will set you back $15. They are going to be supported by Kentucky Knife Fight, The Collective, and Onward, ETC. 

If the type of music that gets you out on the floor dancing is your thing then you need to check out this next show that features Big James and the Chicago Playboys who will be playing at Cartoons on Friday (9/20)

Big James and the Chicago Playboys, six time winners of the Living Blues Critics Poll Award for "Most Outstanding Horns," are on the 2013 Living Blues Awards Reader's Ballot in the "Best Live Performer" Category.

And last but not least my band Big Damn Heroes will be playing next Friday as well at Lindberg's for Browncoats Day and we will have the awesome privledge of opening up for Dale Watson. 

Dale Watson is classic country through and through and you will love every second of this show that will start around 9ish at Lindbergs. 

As always you can find out more about these shows on our website 1047thecave.com or on my podcast The Mike The Intern Experience. 
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